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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Can’t wait for the upcoming BAM 2022 festival in April? Neither can we! With amazing opportunities to see your favorite authors, artists, and musicians, BAM is a fun, family friendly event that’s free to everyone!

Here are the top 5 reasons to come to BAM 2022:

1. The chance to meet and engage with your favorite authors (and get your books signed!)

Because BAM 2022 features such a wide variety of authors, artists, and musicians, every guest will have a chance to find a connection with someone who encourages their passion and creativity. The chance to have a meaningful conversation with the people who inspire you is a truly amazing experience. You can attend a variety of panels where you can witness a team of professionals tackling subjects—you can even watch your favorite illustrators at work in one of our interactive panels! Plus, you can also purchase any books by attending authors to be signed and personalized.

2. Get creative with fellow artists!

This is definitely one of our favorite parts of BAM 2022—the chance to hang out and meet fellow artists who will inspire and spark your creativity. With professional illustrators like Jarrett Lerner, Vanessa Brantley-Newton, and many more, aspiring artists have the opportunity to interact with a variety of artists and illustrators. Young artists can even participate in the Illustrator Smackdown, a fun and interactive illustrator panel where audience members can come up with fun ideas for artists and illustrators to bring to life! BAM 2022 will definitely provide the perfect environment to encourage and inspire creative souls of all ages.

3. Lots of book recommendations!

Of course, because so much of BAM is about reading, you’re bound to get tons of book recommendations. In addition to book recommendations from friends or fellow readers, you get the chance to meet authors you’ve never heard of and learn all about their books, their writing processes, and their personalities. Discovering so many new books at one time will be sure to fill up your TBR list quickly, but don’t worry! All of the author’s books are available for purchase at BAM 2022, and you can get them signed and personalized by the authors!

4. Promote children’s literacy

BAM is a non-profit organization that supports a growing issue in today’s society—children’s literacy. All proceeds support children’s literacy, fund author visits to schools, provide title I schools with books, and provide scholarship opportunities for writers.

5. Have fun!

BAM 2022’s beautiful downtown West Palm Beach setting encourages guests to enjoy the sun, explore the town, and have fun with their families. Enjoy the sunshine while meeting inspiring artists, authors, and musicians! The festival is at the heart of town, with dozens of shops and restaurants all within walking distance. BAM is about creativity and art in all forms, so the only rules are have fun, get inspired, and be creative!

And remember, BAM is completely free to everyone, so join us

Saturday, April 9, 2022 for a day of Florida sun, creativity, and fun!

We hope to see you there!

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