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BAM is proudest to announce new author Samantha Mason. Last year, Samantha entered Stephen Kozan's Flash Fiction Contest and won. As BAM's winner of the year, she was mentored by Kozan and produced and published her first novel! BAM is proud to be releasing it at BAM Festival 2021 on April 10th!

Join us at the closing remarks on April 10th at 5:30PM to welcome her to the BAM Fam and her book into the world. And join Stephen's writing workshop on the Workshop Channel at 10AM on April 10th to be the next BAM rockstar.

Check out her book at the "Buy the book" link below and support a child's dream! This is a book FOR kids, written by a kid!

Fun fact: the synopsis at the link is the idea that won her first place at BAM 2020 and ultimately made her a novelist!

Samantha Mason is a Florida gal born and raised and is beyond excited to be able to publish her debut novel. As the daughter of an English teacher turned librarian, Samantha grew up reading classics like Harry Potter and the The Phantom Tollbooth and is a lifetime lover of books. Her hobbies include reading (obviously), preforming at her local community, school theater, and playing with her two dogs Pam and Jax. She hopes to continue writing books in the future and hopes to someday inspire kids with her writing as the authors she grew up with inspired her.


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