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Milner Halls

For the past 25 years, Kelly Milner Halls has crafted high interest nonfiction books and articles for young readers. Known for quirky but well researched topics, Halls delights in drawing even reluctant readers into the realm of discovery through the explorations of dinosaurs, Sasquatch, UFO's or dozens of other unusual themes.

This year, she ventured into historic nonfiction, writing two new books about the heroes of World War II, a book about the Titanic, and a book about little known battles in World War II. She has applied the same conversational approach to these new projects she has always mastered in past projects. And she loves the new path, but promises more weird stuff in the years to come.

Kelly makes home in Spokane, WA with two daughters, a rescue Great Dane named Abbey and three rescue cats named Fluff, Atticus and Sue-Sue. Before Covid-19, she did dozens of school visits, festival and conference events all over the country. But now she uses Virtual Visits to connect with her young readers.

Hopefully, traveling to meet kids will be reborn in the not too distant future. Until then, Kelly Milner Halls will keep writing kid-friendly nonfiction books, sure to please. Visit her website at


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