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Francie Latour is a writer and editor whose work explores issues of race, culture and identity. She was a staff reporter for The Boston Globe for 10 years, and her essays have been featured on National Public Radio, the Today show, The Root and Essence. Her writing has also been anthologized, including in The Butterfly’s Way, edited by Edwidge Danticat.

Since 2012, Francie has worked in the field of diversity, inclusion, and equity. She coordinates a diversity initiative at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard; she is also co-founder and co-director of Wee The People, a social justice project for kids based in Boston. This is Francie’s first picture book.
Francie, a mother of three, was born in the US to Haitian parents. She was inspired to write Auntie Luce by a chance encounter with the late Luce Turnier – one of Haiti’s most celebrated artists – who painted Francie’s portrait (left) in 1992, two years before the artist's death..

Francie and her family live in Boston.


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