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Ana Siqueira is a Spanish-language elementary teacher and an award-winning children's book author based in Tampa, Florida. Her books include Bella's Recipe for Success (Beaming Books 2021), If Your Babysitter is a Bruja (S&S 2022), Abuela’s Super Capa/ La Supercapa de Abuela (HarperCollins 2023), Our World Brazil (Barefoot Books 2023), Boitata: the Fire Snake (Capstone 2023), La Mala Suerte is Following Me (Charlesbridge 2024), If My Abuelo is un Astronauta (Simon&Schuster 2025), Mami’s Heart (HarperCollins 2026) among others. Ana is also a global educator and a PBS Media innovator. She’s the co-founder of Latinxpitch, a pitch event to promote Latin authors and illustrators. When not writing, reading, or teaching, she loves playing with her Brazilian-Cuban American grandchildren.


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