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Kathryn Erskine is the author of the National Book Award winner, Mockingbird, as well as numerous other award-winning books for young readers. She gives workshops and presentations around the world at schools, libraries and universities. Having grown up in six countries, attending eight schools and four universities, Kathy draws on life stories and world events in her writing and is currently working on several books for children and adults.

In May 2021, her two latest books will publish: Lily’s Promise, a middle grade novel about friendship, bullying, and finding your voice—with insightful, snarky commentary from Libro, the book itself—and All of Us, a picture book with Alexandra Boiger (She Persisted) that values our differences while celebrating how we’re all connected.

Although she’s an attorney and a pharmacy technician, she now spends all of her time writing. She enjoys traveling (anywhere), taking classes (any subject), playing a variety of games, drinking too much coffee, and taking long walks in the woods with her Labradoodle.


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